Villa del Balbianello

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Via Comoedia 5 22016 Lenno, (CO)

+39 0344 56110

Getting there by public transport
Villa del Balbianello is located on the promontory of Lenno, 26 km from Como.
Lenno can be reached from Como with the SPT C10 bus.
For information on accessibility visit the ASF Bus website

The villa and its grounds are located on the slopes of a steep promontory, overlooking Lake Como.
Villa Balbianello free parking is located at the pedestrian entrance; it has 30 parking spaces, one of which is reserved for people with permit for citizens with disability.
From the car park to the villa it is necessary to climb one step (10 cm) and follow a footpath for about 900 meters with a hard earth surface at times uneven with a variable slope from 6% to 14%; a double swing gate (width 91 cm each) and a step (h 3 cm) lead into the park of the villa.
Alternatively, prior to request for permission by calling + 39 344 56110, persons with permit for citizens with disability can continue this stretch by car and park directly in the park of the villa, where the itinerary begins.

The ticket office is in the park. From here it is possible to reach the villa and the panoramic Loggia via a 30 meters downhill path (variable slope from 6% to 12%), with a gravel surface at times uneven.

Information for visitors
Free entrance for the person with disability and for his companion. Some areas of Villa Balbianello are used for events.
The villa tour is carried out exclusively accompanied by Fai guides. There are also guided tours (in Italian and English).
For information and reservations tel. 0344 56110 or email

The bookshop (counter h 107 cm) can be reached by climbing a step (h 8 cm) and a single swinging door (width 92 cm).

Exhibition itinerary
Built in the eighteenth century on the ruins of a Franciscan monastery, the villa houses a rich collection of Chinese, African and Pre-Columbian art, English and French furniture from the 1700s and 1800s and a collection of documents and relics of Guido Monzino's expeditions, who lived there from 1974 to 1988. Access to the villa is via a step (h 8 cm) and two consecutive double swing doors: the first 57 cm each, the second 60 cm each. The building has 6 floors connected only by steps and flights of stairs (on average 16-18 steps per floor). The Green Room (2 steps h 10 cm) houses a valuable collection of Chinese figurines dating from the Tang dynasty. The loft of the villa, houses the Expedition Museum, with photos and artefacts related to the Expeditions of Monzino around the World.
A few meters from the villa, via 14 consecutive steps (h 10 cm), it is possible to reach the Loggia of Cardinal Durini, which offers visitors an amazing view of Lake Como. The Lodge leads to two libraries with two consecutive double swing doors, the first 57 cm each ; the second 60 cm each.

Signage guidance
Along the various paths there are directional arrows written in large letters (at least 7 cm) and clearly visible.

The bathroom accessible to persons with disabilities is situated near the ticket office, in an area designated to events. It can be reached via a double swing door (width 56 cm each) and has the following features:

  • toilet with swing door width 80 cm
  • wall-mounted wash basin (frontal space 139 cm)
  • wall-mounted WC (frontal space 49 cm, right side 27 cm, left side 155 cm, horizontal grab bar on the left side, handrails along the perimeter of the toilet).
  • Symbols of the toilets well contrasted, at eye level, medium to large size

Emergency exits
Emergency exits are indicated. An acoustic and visual alarm system is installed.