Palazzo Belgiojoso

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corso Giacomo Matteotti 32 23900 Lecco, (LC)

+39 0341 481248

How to get there by public transport
Buses 1 and 4.
For information on access:
Linee Lecco (only in Italian language)

Cars can be parked 150 metres away in via Papa Giovanni XXIII, where there are 2 parking spaces reserved for people with permits for citizens with disability.
For information on the road network and parking in Lecco (only in Italian language).

Information for visitors

Entry is free for persons with disabilities and those accompanying them.
A panel on the outside of the building explains the history of Palazzo Belgiojoso, and also has texts in Braille.
Guided tours in Italian and English are organised.
For information, send an email to:

The main entrance has a wide, two panelled door (each panel 141 cm wide). Access to the museum entrance hall is by 3 consecutive steps (h 14 cm), a 116 cm passageway and 3 further steps (h 14 cm).
The recommended entrance for people with motor disabilities is not signposted, and is located at the emergency exit from the Archaeological Museum. It is reached from the main entrance along a route approximately 30 metres long, unsurfaced in sections. A step (h 2 cm) and double panelled door (each panel 60 cm wide) lead into the Archaeological Museum.

The entrance hall contains:

  • the information point (counter height 70 cm)
  • the ticket office (counter height 70 cm).

The museum staff are able to provide information and assistance.

Exhibition layout  
Palazzo Belgiojoso houses the Archaeological, History and Natural History Museums, all of which are fully accessible.
The Archaeological Museum on floor -1 has 10 rooms, and contains Greek, Etruscan and Italic collections from central and southern Italy.
The History Museum on the ground floor has a rich collection of original documents, letters, photographs, paintings and etchings, weapons and uniforms relating to the modern and contemporary history of the Lecco area, and two of its rooms are dedicated to the resistance and the fascist period.
The History Museum contains a virtual room on industry in the Lecco area, which tells the tale of the industrial development from its origins to the present time, by means of films, photographs and sound commentary. The entrance has an 85 cm wide opening, and the room has four multimedia stations, with three touch screen totems (h 110 cm) for further exploration and a giant screen whose content can be controlled by means of a virtual mouse. A number of tools from the past are also on display. The Natural History Museum on the second floor has 12 rooms and several information panels (h 100 cm).

Direction signs
The direction signs in the building are written in large, clearly visible characters (at least 7 cm).

The lift, near the ticket office, connects all the floors and has the following specifications:

  • door width 90 cm, space inside cabin 150x138 cm
  • internal pushbutton panel (h 105 cm)
  • visual signal on arrival at the floor
  • emergency alarm bell (h 116 cm).

Bathroom facilities
The equipped toilet faces the ticket office, and has the following specifications:

  • anteroom with 90 cm wide hinged door
  • bathroom with 90 cm wide hinged door
  • suspended washbasin (space in front 144 cm)
  • floor-standing WC (space in front 122 cm, 62 cm to the right and 179 cm to the left).

Emergency exits
The emergency routes are marked and there is a visual and acoustic alarm.