Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie

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Piazza San Giorgio 23829 Varenna, (LC)

+39 0341 830228

Getting there by public transport
is served by the buses of the line D21 of the Lecco Trasporti company (Bellano - Varenna - Esino - Ortanella)
For more information, please visit:
The church is located about 900 m from the Varenna-Esino railway station (Milan - Lecco - Sondrio - Tirano line).
For information on the accessibility of the station, please visit this link
The Varenna-Esino station does not provide help service to passengers with reduced mobility.
Varenna can also be reached by ferry (Gestione Navigazione Laghi). For information, please visit: 
The service can welcome passengers with reduced mobility. For more information, please visit:

Parking area
It is possible to park in the car park located about 200 meters from the church (near Villa Monastero); in Piazza San Giorgio there is 1 parking space reserved for disabled pass holders.

Information for visitors
The Church can be visited on request. For information, please contact the following telephone number: (+39) 0341 830228

The church parvis (in cobblestones) is bordered by stakes with chains; it can be accessed through a wide passageway. The entrance has 1 step (7 cm high) and a double leaf door (85 cm wide each).

Getting around
The small church, inaugurated on 8 September 1685 and dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie, develops on a single nave and has chairs (seat height: 43 cm).
It has an interesting wooden statue of the Virgin with Child of the late sixteenth century and several eighteenth-century frescoes. The baroque altar, in gilded wood with two large columns, comes from Villa Monastero.
To reach the altar, you must overcome 1 step (17 cm high).