Getting there by public transport
Bellagio can be reached from Como by the C30 bus operated by Asf Autolinee. For information, please visit:
Bellagio can also be reached by ferry (Gestione Navigazione Laghi company). For information, please visit: 
The service can welcome passengers with reduced mobility. For more information, please visit:

Parking place
The church of San Giovanni is located in San Giovanni di Bellagio
It is possible to park in the large parking lot in Piazza Don Miotti, about 150 meters from the church, where there are 2 parking spaces reserved for disabled pass holders. The path to reach the church is paved with cobblestone.
For more information on the parking areas available in Bellagio,
please visit:

The entrance to the church presents in succession: 4 steps (10 cm high), a double leaf door (105 cm wide each) and a hinged door (92 cm wide).

Getting around

The church
The church that overlooks the lake, is in eighteenth-century style and its façade is in Baroque style. It has different works of art, among which stands the altarpiece depicting "Christ resurrected among saints and donors", by Gaudenzio Ferrari.
The interior spaces can be visited without obstacles. There are four side chapels, two on each side; those adjacent to the altar have a step (16 cm high). To access the altar, you need to overcome 3 steps (15 cm high each). The church has benches (seat height: 46 cm) and chairs (seat height: 45 cm).

The Park
The large park overlooking the lake is a significant example of an English garden. It has rare and exotic plants, old trees, hedges of camellias, azalea woods and giant rhododendrons, sculptures and relics of historical and artistic value.
Numerous plants, of botanical and historical value, have a descriptive card positioned at 20 cm above the ground.
At about 50 meters from the Bellagio entrance, on the left, there is a pond of water lilies, continuing along the path that runs along the lakefront there is a Moorish kiosk that can be reached by passing two consecutive steps (10 cm high); from this panoramic point you can enjoy a splendid view of Bellagio.
The walk continues along the path of the plane trees until the vast open space in front of the villa adorned with valuable statues.
The paths of the garden have a compact gravel surface; the pathway along the lakefront has no obstacles to mobility and has some seats (seat height: 44 cm); pathways that wind in  the garden have varying gradients.

The Museum
The museum is in the old orangery located on the left side of the villa.
The museum can be accessed by passing in succession: a ramp (length 6 m, slope of 7%), 4 consecutive steps (14 cm high) and a double leaf door (75 cm wide each).
The Museum, which has a single large room with 2 showcases in the middle (74 cm high above the  floor), hosts precious relics from the Napoleonic period, rare archaeological finds and two Renaissance frescoes of Larian origin.

Orientation signage
In the park, there are directional arrows with high contrast and large lettering (at least 7 cm).

Toilet facilities
There are  two toilets located in the area below the museum, to the left of the room used for educational activities.
You access the vestibule by passing a ramp (length: 78 cm, slope of 6%) and a passageway (129 cm wide).
The left toilet is equipped for people with disabilities and has the following characteristics:

  • wall-mounted washbasin (clear space in front: 220 cm)
  • toilet with hinged door (70 cm wide)
  • wall-mounted washbasin (clear space in front: 110 cm)
  • floor-standing toilet (clear space: in front 120 cm; on the right side: 200 cm, on the left side: 27 cm, vertical handlebar on the left-hand side and horizontal handlebar on the right-hand side)
  • high contrast symbols indicating toilet facilities, positioned at eye level, using medium to large size letters.