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Corso Giacomo Matteotti 32 23900 Lecco, (LC)

+39 0341 367584

Public transport
Bus 1, 4 and 6.
For information on accessibility:
Linee Lecco website (only in Italian language)

Parking is available about 150 metres away in via Papa Giovanni XXIII, where there are also two reserved spaces for people with permits for citizens with disability.
For information on traffic and parking in Lecco (only in Italian language):

Information for visitors
No entrance fee for the person with disability and for his companion. The entrance to the Planetarium Hall is extremely unsuited to persons who suffer from claustrophobia, vertigo or who fear dark places.
Private and group visits are available through the booking service.
For information email:

The planetarium is located in the park of Belgiojoso Palace, home to the Musei Civici (Civic Museums). The entrance has double swing doors (141 cm each). On the left side of the courtyard there is a 10 m path with cobblestone and gravel bottom at times uneven, a threshold (h 2 cm) and a double swing door (84 cm each) leads visitors into the atrium of the planetarium.

In the lobby there are:

  • the information point (counter h 102 cm)
  • the ticket office (counter h 102 cm).
  • Staff offer information and hospitality.

Exhibition layout
The planetarium consists of two parts: a projector and a dome of eight 8 in diameter, which serves as a semi-spherical screen. The dome collects light projected from an instrument in the center of the room, reproducing the sky. The computerized projection system is of the latest generation. During the projections, constellations are projected and the movements of celestial bodies are explained. The projection room has 64 seats, of which 2 are reserved for persons with disabilities. The conference room (118 cm swinging door) has 60 seats.
The rooms of the planetarium are free of obstacles.

The two toilets accessible to persons with disabilities are situated near the projection room, and have the following features:

  • anteroom swing door 96 cm
  • bathroom swing door 94 cm
  • wall mounted washbasin (front space 145 cm)
  • floor mounted WC (125 cm front space, right side 21 cm, left side 154 cm, horizontal grab bar on the left side).
  • Symbols of the toilets well contrasted, at eye level, medium to large size.

Direction signs
Along the various paths there are directional arrows written in large letters (at least 7 cm) and clearly visible.

Emergency exits
Emergency exits are indicated. An acoustic alarm system is installed.