Museo civico di ornitologia e scienze naturali L. Scanagatta

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Via IV Novembre 7 23829 Varenna, (LC)

+39 0341 830119

Getting there by public transport
is served by the buses of the line D21 of the Lecco Trasporti company (Bellano - Varenna - Esino - Ortanella)
For more information, please visit:
The church is located about 900 m from the Varenna-Esino railway station (Milan - Lecco - Sondrio - Tirano line).
For information on the accessibility of the station, please visit this link
The Varenna-Esino station doen not provide help service to passengers with reduced mobility.
Varenna can also be reached by ferry (Gestione Navigazione Laghi company). For information, please visit:
The service can welcome passengers with reduced mobility. For more information, please visit:

Parking area
It is possible to park in the car park located about 200 meters from the church (near Villa Monastero); in Piazza San Giorgio there is 1 parking space reserved for disabled pass holders.

Information for visitors
For information on opening hours and to book guided tours, please contact the following telephone number: (+39) 0341 830119
Free entrance for disabled people and their carers.
To download the Museum brochure

Passing in succession: a threshold (2 cm high), a three-leave door ( 65 cm wide each), a step (4 cm high) and a hinged door (90 cm wide) you can access the Tourist Office. The museum entrance is on the right and has a sliding door (117 cm wide).

The ticket office is located in the atrium of the tourist office (counter height: 80 cm). The museum staff is at your disposal for information and tourist reception services.

The lift connecting the three floors (0,1,2) of the structure has the following characteristics:

  • door width: 90 cm;  cabin: inner space 130x98 cm
  • elevator internal panel marked in Braille (122 cm above the ground)
  • acoustic and visual signal of arrival at a floor
  • emergency bell (129 cm high above the floor).

Exhibition itinerary
The "Luigi Scanagatta" civic museum, houses a collection dedicated to the avifauna of the Larian territory.
The exhibition route develops on three floors (0,1,2) connected by an elevator that is on the left of the exhibition hall on the ground floor.
In the rooms of the first and second floor there are display windows (90 cm high above the floor). Information panels (105 cm high above the floor) are placed along the walls of the rooms.

Orientation signage
In the building, there are directional arrows with high contrast and large lettering (at least 7 cm).

Toilet facilities
The disabled toilet is on the second floor and has the following features:

  • vestibule with hinged door (80 cm wide)
  • toilet with hinged door (80 cm wide)
  • wall-mounted washbasin (clear space in front: 125 cm)
  • floor-standing toilet (clear space: in front 155 cm, on the right side 172 cm, on the left side 28 cm, horizontal handlebar on the right-hand side)
  • high contrast symbols indicating toilet facilities, positioned at eye level, using medium to large size letters.

Safety exits
Emergency routes are well indicated. The building has an acoustic alarm device.